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If you are living in a poorly maintained property and your landlord is refusing to rectify the problem, we are here to help you get the repairs you require and the compensation you deserve.

We take the stress out of the process!

  • No win, no fee service.

Your landlord has a legal obligation to ensure your home is kept in a good state of repair, particularly regarding:

  • The structure and exterior of the premises;
  • Windows
  • Water pipes and installations relating to water usage – such as baths, sinks, drainage systems and toilets;
  • Gas pipes and electrical wiring;
  • Leaks
  • Ensuring the property is free from vermin infestation.
  • Damp and mould conditions.

Failure to meet this obligation can result in inconvenience, damage to your belongings, personal injury or ill health.

If you have suffered as a result of housing disrepair you may be eligible to claim compensation.

We know that making a claim against your landlord can seem daunting and stressful; we are here to help you cut through the confusion and claim the compensation you are owed!

You can rest assured that your claim will be handled in a professional and proficient manner.