I really don’t consider which one explanations just what anymore

8. “Due to my postural orthostatic tachycardia problem (POTS), this is actually the color it converts in the event that blood swimming pools inside my personal feet. Bright red and you can black reddish.” – Melany Meters.

nine. “Lyme, babesia or bartonella… But i have gained pounds and they terrible yellow lines – I was thinking they were stretchmarks however, frequently this will be a beneficial token manifestation of among my sickness.” – Kathryn B.

10. “Really terrifically boring, distended, purple, pussing, flared upwards breaking, fingers… been coping to have slightly a long time. Doc prescribed prednisone, assisted just a little… returned. Other people writing on this?” – Karen B.

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eleven. “Brand new photographs right here reveals me personally as i was to the prednisone steroids to own my personal ulcerative colitis (left). I got a bloated face and you may awful spot on treatment. I’ve and additionally viewed how my personal autoimmune situation can impact myself which have white locations and you will skin rashes towards deal with, arms and next back at my stoma (just what remains from my intestines one sticks out regarding my personal belly).” – Saleem J.

several. “Today is a great date, very my personal epidermis isn’t also crappy. I have Hashimoto’s. Dryness makes my hands research much avove the age of my twenty eight many years and you will eating any thing my thyroid gland doesn’t such as for instance explanations a keen itchy purple rash that sticks available for months.” – Megan P.

13. “Severe/life-harmful allergic reaction epidermis you to definitely indication also anaphylaxis modern, bring about unfamiliar. Autoimmune easily spreading round the human body.” – Dayna-Elyssia C.


fourteen. “We have lupus and you will antiphospholipid disorder (APS). He’s got triggered us to have livedoid vasculopathy everywhere my muscles. This is exactly an image of my personal tummy. It is in which I’ve it new bad. It’s because of the blood vessels collapsing and never taking the circulation my personal epidermis demands. Furthermore going on to my internal organs and you can my personal notice. I really don’t show it to the Twitter and that i keep my very visible parts shelter ed because people think of it particularly it is gross and you will dump me personally for example I’m contagious. Actually nurses and you can medical professionals view it having disgust and you will reach me personally with ‘icky fingertips.’ I constantly have to give individuals who view it, ‘Don’t worry! It is not infectious. It’s just my circulation shutting as a result of parts of my muscles. If the someone are going to be concerned, it’s me personally!’ It’s to my possession, feet, bust, and you will undertaking to my deal with. It is delivering harder to hide. Simple fact is that simply visible part of my personal hidden illnesses. ” – Jennifer Meters.

15. “When my personal lupus flares otherwise I have stressed We build not merely a great malar rash in addition to raised painful skin rashes. My personal face feels gorgeous, including it is ablaze, rigid off swelling, or painful. It will spread to other areas out of my human body as well.” – Amy P.

If only someone know one to I’m not contagious and that their face expressions either hurts more your skin aches

sixteen. “Extreme bruising due to an undiscovered autoimmune condition. This package was because of an IV, but I get of these like this all day long.” – Emerald B.

17. “This is exactly me personally. I have an undiscovered autoimmune disease. We have hypo- and you can hyper-pigmentation this means that. My personal face is many different shades. Indeed there really isn’t really anything to mask it, unless of course I would like to don most heavy make-up.” – Kathy

18. “This is not a burning. This might be a quick covering my entire sleeve. There were other areas influenced by it as better (ears, face, ft on knee off, things I experienced met with sunlight). This occurs each time I am in the sunshine. With this big date, I became in it for over 7 days getting a softball contest. Sunblock doesn’t help. But for example We told you, it isn’t a burn, however, a terrible itchy hasty.” – Stephanie D.